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Huizhou Dingshengmei Building Materials Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of polyurethane PU decorative materials located in Guangdong China We have about twelve years OEM and sales experiences Due to the growth of the company we moved to the new address and rename Suntronic New Materials Technology Co Ltd We mainly manufacture and export polyurethane Architectural decorative elements for interior and outdoor decoration including Polyurethane Cornice Moldings Polyurethane Panel Moldings Polyurethane Corners Polyurethane Corbels Polyurethane Ceiling Roses Polyurethane Pilasters Polyurethane Niches Polyurethane Columns Polyurethane Wall Ornaments etc With the Characters of...

Categories and Products

Polyurethane Mouldings

Carved Cornice Mouldings

Polyurethane Dentil Cornice Moulding European Style PU Crown Moldings with Rope Design Polyurethane Crown Cornice Mouldings High Density Decorative Corner Moulding Egg Design Polyurethane Foam Moulding Polyurethane Modern Crown Moldings Rosette Design PU Cornice Mouldings Polyurethane Crown Molding with Egg Design Decorative Crown Molding with Rosette design Russian Style Decorative Crown Moldings Foam Rosette Cornice Moulding Interior Architectural Cornices & Mouldings Big Size Polyurethane Decorative Cornice Crown Molding Trim with Rose Design Modillion Polyurethane Contemporary Cornice Big Size Decorative PU Cornices Extra Large Crown Molding Rosette design PU Crown Molding Polyurethane Rope Crown Molding Best Selling Pu Crown Modling 

Plain Cornice Mouldings

Polyurethane Decorative Cornices and Mouldings Polyurethane Plain Decorative Cornice Moulding Popular Polyurethane Crown Molding Architectural Polyurethane Plain Crown Molding Polyurethane Foam Cornice Moldings Popular Decorative Plain Crown Mouldings Popular Polyurethane Covings and Cornices Foam Smooth Crown Moulding PU Decorative Cornice and Coving Polyurethane Modern Ceiling Cornice Interior Polyurethane Crown Moldings Pu Modern Cornice Profiles Polyurethane Small Crown Moulding PU Coving Cornice for Interior Decoration Architectural Foam Injection Cornice Molding Decorative Ceiling Cornice Moulding Pu Crown Molding Luxury Homes PU Architectural Modern Plain Cornice Polyurethane Decorative Cornice Moulding Popular Polyurethane Decorative Molding 

Carved Panel Mouldings

Polyurethane Decorative Rope Trim molding Foam Decorative Panel Mouldings Polyurethane Wall Panel Moulding Polyurethane Ribbon Modern Trim Molding Popular Polyurethane Carved Panel Molding Polyurethane Panel Wall Molding Panel Mouldings with Running Coin Design Polyurethane Decorative Panel Mouldings Polyurethane Egg and Dart Panel Mouldings Polyurethane Bead Barrel Panel Mouldings Polyurethane Decorative Acanthus Leaf Crown Molding Polyurethane Leaf Panel Mouldings Architectural Decorative Panel Moulding PU Decorative Panel Moulding 

Plain Panel Mouldings

Best Selling Decorative Polyurethane Trim Moldings Polyurethane Decorative Floor Molding Types Foam Decorative Pain Panel Mouldings Foam Panel Moulding Frames Best Selling Wall Panel Mouldings Small Panel Moldings and Trim For Picture Frames PU Decorative Plain Panel Mouldings Decorative Panel Mouldings and Millwork Popular Foam Plain Panel Mouldings Plain baseboard Panel Mouldings Decorative Panel Mouldings and Trims Best Selling Small Size Panel Mouldings Polyurethane Foam Decorative Panel Moulding Big size PU Decorative Panel Mouldings Chair Rail Panel Moulding Popular Decorative Panel Mouldings Pu Decorative Plastic Wall Panel Moulding Polyurethane Foam Panel Moldings 

Polyurethane Corners

Carved Panel Mouldings Corners

PU Chair Rails and Crown Panel Molding Polyurethane Crown Panel Moulding Corner Chair Rail and Panel Molding Polyurethane Crown Moulding Corner Chair Rails and Panel Mouldings Decorative Crown Corners for Panel Moldings Chair Rails And Panel Moulding Corner PU Chair Rails and Panel Molding Polyurethane Decorative Crown Corner Chair Rail Profiles and Panel Molding Corners Pu Chair Rail and Panel Moulding Corner Inside Crown Corner Blocks for Polyurethane Mouldings 

Plain Panel Mouldings Corners

Ceiling Molding Corner Blocks Decorative Panel Moulding Corners Architectural Decorative Panel Molding Corners PU Chair Rail Corner Pieces Plain Panel Moulding Corners Small Size Panel Molding Corners Polyurethane Coving Decorative Corners Polyurethane Popular Decoratve Coving Corners Chair Rail and Panel molding Corner Architectural PU Crown Corners 

Internal and External Corners

Crown Molding Corner Blocks Polyurethane Corner for Crown Molding Inside and Outside Corners Blocks 

Polyurethane Ceiling Roses

Ceiling Roses/Ceiling Medallions

Foam Large Ceiling Medallions Ceiling Medallion with Rose Design Foam Small Plain Ceiling Roses Oval Polyurethane Decorative Ceiling Medallion PU Oval Ceiling Medallion Polyurethane Oval Ceiling Rose Round Polyurethane Ceiling Rose Norito Ceiling Medallions for Light Fixtures Acanthus Stylised Leaves Ceiling Medallions Large PU Ceiling Rings for Lights Polyurethane Ceiling Light Medallion Round Decorative Ceiling Medallions Egg Type Polyurethane Ceiling Rose Polyurethane Shakuras Ceiling Medallion Small Bead Polyurethane Ceiling Rose 

Ceiling Tiles

Best Selling Foam Ceiling Tiles for Wall High Quality Foam Ceiling Tiles Ceiling Tiles for Interior Decoration Flat Polyurethane Architectural Ceiling Tiles Square Ceiling Tiles with Ceiling Rose 61x61cm Polyurethane Ceiling Tiles for Interior Decoration Egg Design 61x61cm PU Ceiling tiles High Density Architectural PU Ceiling tiles PU Elegant Ceiling Tiles with Frame Pictures Lower Price High Quality PU Ceiling Tiles New Design Pu Decorative Ceiling tile 

Ceiling Rims

Curved Crown Moldings for Interior Decoration Polyurethane Curved Trim Molding 17cm width Foam Curved Molding 15cm Width Popular Ceiling Trim Ring Best Selling Architectural Decorative Ceiling Trim Reeding and Acanthus Leaf Polyurethane Ceiling Rims Popular Polyurethane Carved Curved Moldings PU Carved Curved Moldings with Rosette Design PU Plain Curved Quarter Circle for Interior Decoration Lower Price PU Architectural Plain Curved Molding 

Ceiling Domes

Polyurethane Decorative Ceiling Domes Polyurethane Architectural Decorative Ceiling Domes 

Door and Window Surround

Door and Window Pilasters

Popular Decorative Columns Pillars PU Pilaster Definition Architecture Interior Pilaster Columns with 9.3cm Width Polyurethane Fluted Decorative Pilasters Best Selling PU Fluted Pilaster Column Large Polyurethane Fluted Pilaster Column Fluted Pilasters Door Surrounds 35cm Width Interior Pilaster Columns 35cm Width Fluted Pilaster Molding 25cm Width PU Interior Columns and Pillars Door Pilasters for Interior Decoration 

Door and Window Accessories

Door and Wall Pediment Styles Interior Door and Window Pediment PU Window and Door Frame Capital Door Frame and Panel PU Rosette Door and Window Frame Roman Corinthian Capital for PU Pilasters Large Corinthian PU Pilaster Capital Simple Doric Pu Pilaster Base Foam Ionic Column Pilaster Capital PU Decorative Pilaster Base 

Polyurethane Columns

Polyurethane Classical Order Columns Fluted Columns Definition for interior Decoration Tuscan Columns for Indoor and outdoor PU Decorative Ionic Column Capitals PU Columns with Smooth Surface Polyurethane Full Fluted Column 24cm Diameter PU Fluted Columns PU Architecturl Indoor Decorative Columns 30cm Diameter PU Roman Fluted Column Polyurethane Columns in Architecture for inside Polyurethane Classical Ionic Order Column 

Corbels and Brackets

Small Size PU Beam Corbels and Brackets Decorative Polyurethane Lunetta Corbel Architectural Decorative Polyurethane Edinburgh Corbels Polyurethane Foam Chesterfield Corbels PU Architectural Decorative Corbels and Brackets PU Decorative Rosset Corbels Small Size Polyurethane Corbels Small Polyurethane decorative Odessa Corbel Polyurethane Elegant Exotic Corbels PU Plain Decorative Corbels Polyurethane Exquisite Statue Corbel 

Polyurethane Wall Niches

Polyurethane Diy Wall Niche Contemporary Wall Niches for Wall Decoration PU Modern Wall Niche Popular PU Art Niche Decor 

Polyurethane Fireplace Mantels

PU Foam Decorative Fireplace Mantels Polyurethane Decorative Mantel Pieces 

Polyurethane Decorative Ornaments

PU Decorative Wall Ornament Small Popular Wall Decor Ornaments Angel PU Wall Ornaments Cup Decorative Wall Ornament Decorative Element With Shell Shape Polyurethane Decorative Wall Ornament Polyurethane Decorative Wall Elements PU Deco Element for Wall PU Wall Ornaments European Style Decorative Element for PU Picture Frame Small Architectural Foam Wall Ornaments PU Decorative Wall Accessories Best Selling Architectural PU Wall Ornament 

Indirect Lighting Boxes

Cornices for Indirect Lighting Crown Molding with Indirect Lighting Polyurethane Indirect Lighting Molding PU Cornice Molding for Indirect Lighting Polyurethane Plain Indirect Lighting Elements 

Floor Profiles

PU Skirting Boards For Wall Base Floor Profile for Protecting Wall base New Foam Wall Skirting Baseboard PU Skirting Boards for Protecting Wall Footing Lower Price PU Decorative Skirting Boards Contemporary PU Skirting Profiles 15cm Width Interior PU Skirting Boards High Quality Skirting Boards for Wall Protection Polyurethane Wall Skirting Board Polyurethane Panel Baseboard Molding 

Flexible Mouldings

Flexible Cornice Mouldings

Popular Flexible Corner Molding PU Flexible Decorative Molding Polyurethane Flexible Corner Mouldings Foam Flexible Crown Moldings 

Flexible Panel Mouldings

PU Flexible Panel Molding Decorative Flexible Crown Moulding Ribbon Rope Flexible Panel Molding Popular Flexible Chair Rail Molding 

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